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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Waterbury Public Schools

Program Title:

Bridge to Success Community Partnership

Categories that best describe your program:

  • Community Engagement/Communication

Grade Levels:

  • All Grade Levels

Description of the program:

Bridge to Success is a community wide network of over 85 organizations that work together to ensure each child succeeds.  The network identifies key indicators of child and youth well being and all partners agree to engage and focus on strategies to improve outcomes.  BTS focused on chronic absenteeism and reading this year.  Each partner voices the message about the importance of school attendance and reading to its own constituency and leverages its resources to disseminate the message city wide through newsletters, bill boards, community conversations and other mediums.  Parents play a major leadership role and plan many community events bringing the message to families throughout the diverse neighborhoods of Waterbury.  BTS is funded by public and private donations and believes every child can succeed.  Waterbury School System benefits from this vital partnership with community partners, and municipal elected officials. 

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Contact Information:

Lori Hart
BTS Director