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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Human Capital Development

Newington Public Schools

Program Title:

Human Capital Development

Categories that best describe your program:

  • Curriculum/Student Achievement
  • Professional Development for Board/Staff
  • School Climate
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

Grade Levels:

All Grade Levels

Description of the program:

The Office of Human Capital Development (HCD) is committed to providing outstanding service to all current and future Newington Public School employees.  Our strategic operating practices seek to identify and retain employees who demonstrate and apply our shared vision of effective teaching in a 21st century learning environment.

Our goal is to provide the ongoing skills and competencies necessary for sustained, improved student achievement.  We do this through these five elements of practice:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Placement
  • Evaluation
  • Development and Compensation

We will do this by designing a system that will build the district's capacity to meet the learning needs of all students by:

  1. creating a culture of evidence-based continuous improvement
  2. ensuring continued employee growth
  3. recruiting, recognizing, and developing talent
  4. providing leadership training and opportunities making employment with the Newington Public Schools rewarding and fulfilling.

For more information on this program please visit:

Contact Information:

Linda Darcy
Director of Human Capital Development