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Academy of Aerospace & Engineering at JWMS

Newington Public Schools

Program Title:
Academy of Aerospace & Engineering at JWMS

Category that describes this program:

  • Curriculum/Student Achievement
  • STEM Education
  • Technology

Grade Levels:
Middle School

Description of the program:
The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering at John Wallace Middle School offers seventh and eight grade students learning experiences among various aerospace professions, from pilot to astronaut to aerospace engineer.  The curriculum is rigorous, innovative, and relevant to today's world.  It emphasizes project-based learning and problem-solving skills, and develops students' collaboration and critical thinking abilities.  Students explore and research aerospace topics in depth, such as aeronautics, the aerospace environment, aerospace physiology, air navigation, and the physics and operation of space craft.  The academy is designed for students who have a passion for science, math, and innovation, plus a strong interest in flight and space exploration.  The new facility for the academy within John Wallace Middle School has welcomed the first group of seventh grade students in the fall of 2015 and has been visited by other school districts throughout the northeast.

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Contact Information:
Mr. Bryan Holmes

Aerospace Program Leader