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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Policy Update Service

What is the Policy Update Service?

The Policy Update Service serves as a guidance tool to help maintain and keep your policy manual up-to-date.

The Update Service is mailed to the District four times during the school year.  Each issue contains either new topics of interest or policy implications that were affected by state, federal, or judicial decisions.

Each section is prefaced with a complete explanation of the topic as well as sample policies and regulations that are ready to be implemented into the district's policy manual.

Below is a sampling of the topics that will be discussed in the fourth update mailing which will be sent to subscribing districts in April 2022. This issue contains materials pertaining to a number of topics for your information and use.


Policy Topics of Interest

A. Student Enrollment in an Advanced Course or Program
B. Challenging Curriculum Policy 
C. Gifted and Talented Students

Why Subscribe?

Becoming an Update Subscriber provides the District an opportunity to stay on top of issues while maintaining their manual one step at a time.  In addition, if done diligently, it will avoid having to redo the manual and having to start from the beginning.  This is a saving in time, effort and cost.

Quarterly Policy Update Service -- $350 – This service provides districts with updates for existing policy manuals reflecting changes in the state and federal law and any judicial action affecting policy and current policy topics of importance and interest.  The quarterly Policy Update Publication includes hard copy and electronic version in MS Word format.

For more information about this service, please contact Vincent A. Mustaro, Senior Staff Associate for Policy Service.