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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Policy Audit Service

The Policy Audit Service is designed for districts that question the condition of their existing policy manual. CABE’s Policy Specialist, in order to determine compliance with state and federal laws, regulations and judicial decisions, will analyze the district’s existing manual. The manual will be reviewed to determine inclusion of legally mandated policies and policy areas recommended by CABE.

The Policy Audit Service includes a narrative report on the strengths and weaknesses of the district’s existing policy manual and a chart of missing, incomplete and out-of-date policies and suggestions and recommendations for future policy work. An on-site consultation with CABE’s Policy Specialist is included to review the findings and discuss the recommendations.

The fee for this service is based on student enrollment and is as follows: up to 1000 students - $1800, 1001-3000 students - $2200 and 3001 or more students - $3000.  For an additional fee sample policies will be provided in areas that the district lacks existing policies recommended by CABE, in addition to sample policies judged to be in need of revision. The district is responsible for all follow-up activities utilizing the samples provided by CABE.

If the audit review indicates the need for a custom reworking of the district’s existing manual, half of the cost of the Policy Audit Service may by applied toward the purchase of CABE’s Customized Policy Service if a contract is entered into for such service within six (6) months of the receipt of the audit report.

For more information about this service, please contact CABE's Policy Department at 860-571-7446.