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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

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College Board: Landscape Tool 10-24-19

Religion in Public Schools 10-10-19

The Brain Science of Early Childhood 9-26-19

Mid-Way Term Update 04-09-19

Regional Consolidation 02-26-19

Modifications to Educator Professional Development 1-18-18

Overview of the CABE Delegate Assembly 11-8-17
To better understand the issues and process we will explain how we form the resolutions that will go before the Assembly and how they affect your district.

Overview of the Governor's Budget 2-10-17
Patrice McCarthy and Sheila McKay give an overview of the Governor's Budget and the effects that it may have on districts as well as answer questions. 

The Certificate of Global Engagement 2-7-17 
Globally competent and competitive citizens are essential for Connecticut’s workforce, both now and in the future. Providing Connecticut students a pathway to gain global knowledge will increase their competitiveness and ability to succeed in college and career and will develop a well-informed citizenry for our state. 

The CT Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) International Committee has developed a certificate program to recognize students who have completed a globally focused curriculum and co-curricular activities throughout their high school careers.

Presentation Slides

Overview of the ECS Mid-Year Reductions 1-23-17
The Commissioner of Education, Dianna Wentzell, along with Kathy Demsey, Chief Financial Officer, SDE and Peter Haberlandt, Legal Director, SDE provided an overview and answer questions in regards to the ECS mid-year reductions and prospects for future funding.   

CT's Standards for Professional Learning 9-22-16
An overview of Connecticut's Standards for Professional Learning, the Professional Development, and Evaluation Committees, and the role of the board of education in supporting professional learning.

Presentation Slides
Mandatory Training for Public School Personnel in CT - Handout

CABE/CAPSS Convention App "How To" 9-22-16
An overview of how to use the CABE/CAPSS Convention App and all of its features. 

Superior Court Issues Historic Ruling in CT School Funding Case 9-9-16
Over the course of 3 hours, Judge Moukawsher read his decision in the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell case.  While the Judge did not see it as the role of the court to order specific additional state funding, he issued a series of orders requiring the state to come back within 180 days with plans to revise many aspects of Connecticut’s education system. 

The state must submit proposed reforms consistent with this opinion on the following subjects:

  • the relationship between the state and local government in education.
  • an educational aid and school construction formula that is rational, substantial and verifiable
  • a definition of elementary and secondary education, including an objective and mandatory statewide graduation standard
  • standards for hiring, firing, evaluating, and paying education professionals;
  • funding, identification, and educational services standards for special education.

Once the state submits its proposed remedies, the plaintiffs will have 60 days to comment on them and propose alternatives.  A hearing will then be scheduled.

CABE is a founding member of CCJEF and serves on the Steering Committee.  

Presentation Slides

New Connecticut Arts Standards 08-08-16
Learn more about the new Connecticut Arts Standards as the presenters outline the review process comparing the newly released National Core Arts Standards and the 1998 Arts Curriculum Framework that involved over 75 arts educators and responses from 600 stakeholders.  This webinar also includes an overview of the new standards. Currently, the State Board of Education is scheduled to hear recommendations on these standards this Fall.  

Presentation Slides
Position Statement on CT Arts Standards  

What is Global Competence and What is Your Board Doing About It? 04-18-16
"The formula for a world-class education is an urgent call for schools to produce students that actually know something about the world its cultures, languages and how its economic, environmental and social systems work.  The concept of global competence articulates the knowledge and skills students need in the 21st Century." - Asia Society

Learn how one district is preparing its students for success in an interconnected world.

Presentation Slides

YouTube Video 1 - What is Global Competence?
YouTube Video 2 - Did You Know 2016

Emergency Management Planning 03-07-16
On October 23, 2015, the Fairfield Public Schools received multiple, serious threats of violence to its schools simultaneously.  As a result, the school district went into lockdown for approximately two hours, as police and fire personnel were dispatched to all 17 schools.  While the actions of the school district have received a good deal of positive publicity, there are a number of lessons to be learned from this experience that the presenter will share with participants.  After a 15-20 minute overview of the actions taken that day and our lessons learned, the session will be open for questions.

Presentation Slides

Connecticut English Language Proficiency (CELP) Standards 08-27-15
Did you know that almost all districts in Connecticut are home to at least one English Learner (EL)?  In an effort to better meet the academic needs of ELs, a committee of professionals was convened in the fall of 2014 with a goal of selecting/developing new English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards to propose to the CT State Board of Education for adoption.

CT General Assembly in Special Session Updates
Join CABE to hear the latest actions of the CT General Assembly in Special Session earlier this week.  We will have updates on marijuana, pesticides, and special education to name a few. 


An Invitation to Consider Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) In Connecticut
The State Board of Education is considering the adoption of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as one pillar in a statewide effort to improve STEM education and keep Connecticut's students nationally and globally competitive.  During this pre-adoption phase, the State Department of Education plans expanded engagement with stakeholders regarding the implications, benefits, and challenges of adopting NGSS.  The goal is to engender the same broad-based support that the recently-adopted Social Studies Framework received.

The purpose of this webinar is to give local school boards an overview of the NGSS standards, respond to questions and collect feedback.  Presenters will highlight how these new science learning goals would build upon Connecticut's current science standards, pointing out some key advances that could potentially benefit our students and our State.

For the PP Presentation please email

Appropriations Committee Adopts Budget
The Appropriations Committee adopted revisions to the Governor's proposed 2015-17 state budget. Please join us to review these proposals in greater detail.

Update on the Legislative Session
We review the actions of the Education Committee. They have finished their work for the session and have moved bills on for further action to the Appropriations and Finance Committees and straight to the floor of the House and Senate.


Social Studies Frameworks
During this webinar participants will learn the major features of the proposed new social studies frameworks. Major features of the new frameworks, including an emphasis on civic engagement and the teaching of local and state history, will be explained. The frameworks emphasize the use of inquiry in the teaching of social studies: this process will be carefully outlined. The "roll out plan" and the impact of these frameworks on local districts will also be discussed. 

Power Point Presentation

Roberts Rules of Order: A Practical Guide
An overview of the ways Roberts Rues can help your board of education, as well as help you avoid common trouble spots.

Power Point Presentation 

The Relationship Between School Boards and School Governance Councils 5-20-14
So, one or several of your district's schools has a School Governance Council. 

  • How do you work with them?
  • What is their role?
  • How do you support their work?

These topics among others are covered in this webinar.

Update of the CT General Assembly Legislative Session - 3-27-14
At the conclusion of the public hearing process, listen in for the changes in proposed bills and where we still want to lobby for changes.  We will also review all the MANDATES that are gaining steam.

The Affordable Care Act and Collective Bargaining in Connecticut's Schools - 3-12-14
The U.S. Department of Education has stated it is working to make all schools healthier and safe. To help states, districts, and schools ensure healthy schools and students, the Department encourages school communities to make use of new provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act contains benefits to improve the health care system and will help school communities to focus on the important work of learning, rather than the cost of health care. Please join us as we review key dates, requirements and opportunities of the ACA and help districts as they navigate through collective bargaining and the new law.

Information on Governor Malloy's Address on February 6, 2014
On opening day of the General Assembly, the Governor will address the Legislature in joint session. This webinar will give you the facts and educate you on the issues for 2014 and how the state budget will impact your students.

Counselors for Senior Teachers - Helping Teachers to Retire
Guidance Counselors for Senior Teacher (GCST) is pleased to join with CABE and CAPSS in HELPING TEACHERS TO RETIRE. GCST is lead by Bill Sudol, former Executive Director of the Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board and John Kowalsky, who has extensive experience and knowledge of tax-advantaged programs.

This webinar will provide you with information on developing tax-advantage programs to give teachers the incentive to retire that mutually benefit both the teacher and school district.


A Unique Perspective on Crisis Communications & Planning
Crisis management or strategic communications are a reality that all too many school communities have to face these days. How you deal with traditional and social media in these situations is critical.

Ann Baldwin, President of Baldwin Media and the public relations agency of record for CABE, will be offering a free one hour webinar providing you with her unique perspective on dealing with “a crisis”.

As a former journalist turned crisis communications expert, she will share valuable information on what you need to know when dealing with the press during difficult situations.


Ten Best Practices to Avoid Liability 6-20-13
This webinar provides practical tips on developing and implementing best practices to avoid legal liability. Scenarios will address best practices involving ethics, superintendent searches, student discipline, religious issues, the operation of meetings, and board/superintendent relations.


Unemployment Compensation Costs with an emphasis on Reasonable Assurance - Webinar 6-6-13
In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Who collects and who does not
  • What is proper Reasonable Assurance
  • Who can and cannot collect over the summer
  • What about unknown staffing levels
  • Voluntary quits, discharges, end of assignment
  • Refusal of suitable work
  • How to prepare for a hearing
  • How much can someone collect

Please Note: The audio in the first five minutes of the webinar is poor but it gets corrected, and you will be able to follow along.

Reasonable Assurance Guide
Sample Letter of Reasonable Assurance

Professional Governance Boards = Student Success Webinar 4-30-13
Presenters will discuss the importance of Boards of Education operating as a professional governance Board, and its critical role in student success.  Boards play a critical role in developing a district culture that recognizes and insists that all children can learn.  Presenters will discuss how to build relationships between members, as well as between the Board and other stakeholders.  The crucial role of the Board Chair in helping build the culture on the Board will also be discussed. Handouts

The Lighthouse Project Overview

CABE - Meetings Webinars

CABE - Meeting: Overview
Are you interested in learning more about CABE-Meeting for your district? This webinar will demonstrate the highlights of what CABE-Meeting offers and is appropriate for districts investigating paperless meeting products.

CABE - Meeting: How to Use the Manage Service Function
Have you ever wondered what all those options in the Manage Service function really do?  In this webinar, we discuss how and when to use these functions, as well as what not to use.

CABE - Meeting: Adding Links, Preferences, and Utilizing the Calendar
The three features being discussed on this webinar will help you be even more efficient. They are not time-consuming and really aren’t the most critical features of CABE-Meeting, but they are still helpful. The ability to add links, as well as utilize the calendar will provide your board members with information at their fingertips. Knowing how to change preferences will help you, your board members and those who may view your agenda while it’s projected at meetings.

CABE - Meeting: Board Member Training
This webinar is a great refresher course for board members currently using CABE-Meeting. It is also an appropriate training for newly elected board members looking to use CABE-Meeting for the first time.  

CABE - Meeting: Goals Feature
The Goals Feature of CABE-Meeting is a useful reporting feature that is easy to use. Over time, you and your board will be able to access a report that shows what agenda topics have been discussed and the goal(s) they are tied to. This is a good self-check for boards to see if they are spending their time on the things they should.

CABE - Meeting: Elections Are Soon - Do You Remember How to Add and Delete Contacts (Board Members)?
This quick webinar will serve as a refresher course on how to add and delete contacts to CABE-Meeting. Be prepared to act after the elections!

CABE - Meeting: Customizing Your Agenda and Minutes Templates
This webinar will review how to customize your agenda and minute templates to make them more than a merely functional document. You will learn how to change the font style and size, center (or left or right justify) text, and add your district logo.

CABE - Meeting: Archiving Agendas and Reports
Archiving Meetings
Have you wondered how or when to archive your meeting agendas? We will walk through the process of archiving agendas.

There are a number of reports available to CABE-Meeting users that can increase efficiency. We will look at the various reports available to you.