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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Connecticut Lighthouse Project

Sponsored in part by the Connecticut State Department of Education
Strengthening School Boards - Improving Student Achievement

What is the Connecticut Lighthouse Project?
Lighthouse training provides the opportunity for introspective conversations and a renewed focus on improving student achievement.  Lighthouse is a research-based program developed by the Iowa School Boards Association in partnership with multi-state coalition, including Connecticut. 

Do you want your board to:

  • Work effectively with the superintendent as a collaborative leadership team to focus priorities around high achievement for all students in the district?
  • Monitor the conditions and beliefs necessary for improving teaching and learning in the district and provide leadership to address issues around those conditions and beliefs?
  • Base decisions about resources and budget on goals and vision for the district with high achievement and continuous improvement for all students as the priority?
  • Conduct meetings that are efficient and effective that focus primarily on student achievement and other district priorities?
  • Monitor disaggregated student performance data by grade and by school as presented by the administration?
  • Communicate clearly the goals and expectations for the district, staff, students, and community with an emphasis on high achievement for all students in the district?

Participating Boards:

Ansonia Public Schools**
Brooklyn Public Schools
Colchester Public Schools*
Columbia Public Schools*
Danbury Public Schools
Gilbert School
Killingly Public Schools**
New London Public Schools
Norwalk Public Schools
Norwich Public Schools**
Regional School District #1**
Shelton Public Schools
Stafford Public Schools*
Suffield Public Schools**
Vernon Public Schools**
Waterbury Public Schools
Westbrook Public Schools
Winchester Public Schools
Windham Public Schools
Windsor Public Schools
Wolcott Public Schools

* Received training in specific Lighthouse Modules
** Completed Foundational Training Program

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