Board of Education Leadership Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help boards of education focus on the Four Pillars to Improve Student Achievement, developed by The National School Boards Association, by assisting them in creating vision through goals, and to use evaluation as an appropriate means of accountability, ensuring that the district is moving forward in improving student learning. 

The responsibilities of board leadership are indicated by these Four Pillars components:

  1. To establish a VISION for improving student achievement in the district.
  2. To create and support a STRUCTURE (Environment) that supports the vision. 
  3. To develop means of ACCOUNTABILITY that ensures that structure supports the vision. 
  4. To build Community Support for the vision through ADVOCACY.

The information in Board of Education Leadership Guide reflects assumptions CABE makes on the purpose, process and outcomes of evaluation. Specifically, this guide examines:

  • Goal Setting
  • Board Self-Evaluation
  • Superintendent Evaluation
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