NSPRA Member Resources Dealing With Connecticut School Shooting

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those touched by the tragic shootings in Connecticut today. NSPRA and many of our leading members have offered assistance to the leaders in Newtown, Connecticut.

Many members have also started posting some of their letters and advice memos that they have implemented to ensure their staff, students, parents and entire school community that now is the time that we all have to pay closer attention to the safety-related aspects of their schools as well as reminding everyone of the psychological impact on children from these tragic shootings. This tragedy is just another reminder that it really “does take a village” to protect the well-being of our school communities.

NSPRA members are known for helping others in need. And now is the time to do just that. So we are asking you to post letters, action steps, and counseling memos that you are using in your local school communities through the blog Always Something at schoolpr.wordpress.com. We also ask that you send them to editorial@nspra.org. We have already begun posting resources for you (like those listed below) in the member resource section of the NSPRA website at www.nspra.org. There is a new pull-down tab labeled School Shooting Crisis Resources. Another good resource is from our colleagues at the National Association of School Psychologist at the NASP home page.

Some Resources from NSPRA Members

We have already received many helpful items that will be added to our website. But just to get you started, here are samples of what we received to date. We did not have time to format these for you as we thought immediacy trumped beauty. Sorry that we could not include everyone’s offerings, but we appreciated all of them and you once again prove that NSPRA members stand out because they stand up in helping one another.

Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three

Sample Four

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