CABE - Meeting Webinars

CABE - Meeting: Overview
Are you interested in learning more about CABE-Meeting for your district? This webinar will demonstrate the highlights of what CABE-Meeting offers and is appropriate for districts investigating paperless meeting products.

CABE - Meeting: How to Use the Manage Service Function
Have you ever wondered what all those options in the Manage Service function really do?  In this webinar, we discuss how and when to use these functions, as well as what not to use.

CABE - Meeting: Adding Links, Preferences, and Utilizing the Calendar
The three features being discussed on this webinar will help you be even more efficient.They are not time consuming and really aren’t the most critical features of CABE-Meeting, but they are still helpful. The ability to add links, as well as utilize the calendar will provide your board members with information at their fingertips. Knowing how to change preferences will help you, your board members and those who may view your agenda while it’s projected at meetings.

CABE - Meeting: Board Member Training
This webinar is a great refresher course for board members currently using CABE-Meeting. It is also an appropriate training for newly elected board members looking to use CABE-Meeting for the first time.  

CABE - Meeting: Goals Feature
The Goals Feature of CABE-Meeting is a useful reporting feature that is easy to use. Over time, you and your board will be able to access a report that shows what agenda topics have been discussed and the goal(s) they are tied to. This is a good self-check for boards to see if they are spending their time on the things they should.

CABE - Meeting: Elections Are Soon - Do You Remember How to Add and Delete Contacts (Board Members)?
This quick webinar will serve as a refresher course on how to add and delete contacts to CABE-Meeting. Be prepared to act after the elections!

CABE - Meeting: Customizing Your Agenda and Minutes Templates
This webinar will review how to customize your agenda and minute templates to make them more than a merely functional document. You will learn how to change the font style and size, center (or left or right justify) text, and add your district logo.

CABE - Meeting: Archiving Agendas and Reports
Archiving Meetings
Have you wondered how or when to archive your meeting agendas? We will walk through the process of archiving agendas.

There are a number of reports available to CABE-Meeting users that can increase efficiency. We will look at the various reports available to you.

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Don't forget about the CABE/CAPSS Convention!

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