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 Manchester, New Hampshire Superintendent Vacancy

The Manchester School District, Manchester, New Hampshire, Board of School Committee, is seeking a highly qualified and fully certified Superintendent. The Board wishes to have the successful candidate assume the responsibilities of the position by July 1, 2019


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Position: Director of Facilities


Announcement of Vacancy

Under the general direction of the Superintendent of Schools (hereafter Superintendent) and the supervision of the Director of Operations and in harmony with the policies of the Board of Education, and Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations, the Director of Facilities (hereafter Director) develops and directs the programs of capital outlay (for maintenance and repair), maintenance, and plant operation, and has general charge of the personnel working in this capacity. In addition, the Director represents the Board of Education's interest in, and oversees all major school construction projects and serves as the Board of Education's liaison between the City and School Building Committees for all school construction projects. The Director reports directly to the Director of Operations. The Director evaluates the effectiveness of all capital outlay (for maintenance and repair), maintenance and plant operation programs and recommends needed changes to the Director of Operations, Associate Superintendent and Superintendent.


REPORTS TO:   Director of Operations

DIRECTS & OVERSEES:  Directs Custodial Manager, all facility maintenance personnel, and oversees all custodial personnel and operations.




A.    A Master’s degree preferred in Public administration, Business Administration, Engineering, Architecture, or Building Maintenance/Administration.  Will consider candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree with evidence of substantial experience. At least five years of supervisory and experience in multi-facility management. Demonstrate knowledge of HVAC, construction projects, health and safety regulations, financial and management practices, purchasing, supervision and motivation of personnel, and state and local regulations regarding the maintenance of buildings and equipment.

B.    Hold and maintain a current and valid Connecticut Motor Vehicle Operators License, with no serious violations.


A.    Have excellent leadership and organizational skills and the ability to motivate people. 
Exhibit a personality that demonstrates interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, administration, parents and the community.


B.    Be required to work in a supervisory capacity with the maintenance and custodial staff.  Experience in the supervision of unionized workforce.  The Director shall be sufficiently skilled in human relations to successfully perform in this capacity with reasonable success.

C.    Be sufficiently articulate to communicate Board policy and Administrative regulations to the general public as its members seek such interpretation and clarification. The Director shall receive business representatives and exchange ideas and pertinent information with them for the purpose of determining and negotiating necessary purchases.

D.    Prepare in writing detailed and precise specifications for all contracted maintenance programs and arrange for public bidding as required.

E.     Familiar with computers for word processing, data management, and telecommunications.






Working with the Superintendent, Associate Superintendent and Director of Operations, the Director has the following duties and responsibilities:



A.    Capital Outlay (maintenance and repair), Maintenance and Plant Operation:

1.      Supervises maintenance staff and Custodial Manager who supervises the custodial personnel.  Meet and discusses issues with Union Officials, and responds to union grievances as applicable.

2.      Prepares bid specifications for supplies and contracted maintenance which includes all building services (to include, but limited to, heating and air conditioning systems, temperature control systems, kitchen equipment, clock systems, telecommunication systems, intercom systems, fire alarms and other life safety systems, security systems, etc.)  Publicly bids or secures quotations for the above; prepares purchase orders; negotiates and enters into contracts; oversees and inspects purchases, construction and repairs; attends on-site meetings; oversees project and purchasing accounting functions.

3.      Supervisory oversight of maintenance and custodial operations.  Works closely with the Custodial Manager (who oversees custodial staff) to plan and schedule all maintenance and custodial personnel tasks (to include, but not limited to, inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, and routine servicing of all building systems including swimming pools and special equipment; repairs and inspections of building infrastructure including walls, ceilings, doors, windows, hardware and roofs; cleaning and care of floors, walls, bathrooms, classrooms, etc.; care of athletic fields and grounds; care of trees, lawns and shrubbery; snow and ice removal; etc.).

4.      Supervises the complete maintenance and repairs of Board of Education-owned vehicles and grounds equipment (snowplows, sanders, tractors, snow blowers, lawnmowers, weed whackers, etc.).

5.      Prepares and keeps maintenance records.

6.     Requisitions all maintenance and custodial supplies and equipment.  Implements and maintains inventory control systems.

7.     Anticipates and budgets for all major facility maintenance requirements (to include, but not limited to, electrical distribution systems, energy and/or fuel cell, plumbing systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilating systems, life safety systems, security systems, telecommunication systems, roofs, infrastructure, playgrounds and playscapes, athletic fields, parking lots and driveways, sidewalks, and refurbishing and redecorating needs).

8.      Prepares annual budget for the programs of capital outlay (for maintenance and repair), maintenance, and plant operation for presentation to the Superintendent. Prepares and annually updates the district's Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan and Three-Year Maintenance and Grounds Plan. Administrates approved budget throughout fiscal year. Periodically prepares budget projections throughout the fiscal year.

9.      Responsible for the district's utility budgeting, consumption, and conservation efforts for electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, and water and sewer.

10.  Responsible for the implementation of all Federal, State and Local building regulations and codes including, but not limited to, fire/life safety, building, electrical, health, OSHA, Federal 504, ADA, AHERA, etc. Oversees mandated training requirements for maintenance and custodial personnel.

11.  Attends Board of Education meetings and serves on Board of Education Committees and Building Committees as directed by the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent. Attends Common Council meetings, Inland Wetland and Planning and Zoning meetings, and other Departmental meetings as required.

12.  Meets with representatives of business firms wishing to solicit Board of Education business as pertaining to facility management.

13.  Meets with representatives of business firms wishing to solicit Board of Education business as pertaining to facility management.

14.  Responsible for the district's Integrated Pest Management program, Recycling and Rubbish Removal program and non-curriculum related Haz-Mat disposal.

15.  Responsible for long ranges planning related to building and grounds issues.


Gen. Responsibilities

1.     Prepares and presents reports to the Board of Education as directed by the Superintendent, Associate Superintendent or Director of Opeations.

2.     Meets with the public to interpret Board of Education policy and operating procedures. Responds to complaints from public pertaining to buildings and grounds and applicable personnel.

3.     Interacts with Board of Education members, Central Office Administrators, School Principals, parents, general public, teaching staff, Special Education personnel, athletics' personnel, etc. Also interacts with the Mayor, Common Council members, and all City of Middletown Department Directors, Assistant Directors, Human Resources, etc.

4.     Interacts with all local officials regarding school facility issues including, but not limited to, Building Officials (Building Inspector, Mechanical Inspector, Electrical Inspector, and Sidewalk inspector), Fire Officials for three fire districts (Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Fire Marshals, and Inspectors), Health Department (Director, OSHA Compliance Officer, and Inspectors), and Police Officials (Chief and Deputy Chief).

5.     Serves as liaison to the Board of Education for all City Building Committees for school projects. Attends meetings, offers suggestions concerning renovations, additions and new school construction, and reports pertinent information to the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent. Attendance at evening meetings required.

6.     Coordinates with the Human Resources (Board of Education and/or City) regarding recruiting of new and replacement personnel, and recommends individuals for hiring, promotion and transfer.

7.     Assists the Director of Operations and/or the Superintendent in determining school closures or delays openings due to inclement weather or facility emergencies.

8.     Coordinates Board of Education tradesmen support services for the City for maintenance and repairs at City Hall, Public Works facilities, Water and Sewer facilities, the Police Department, and other City department facilities.  Directs the Custodial Manager and oversees the custodial operations and employees.

9.     Is available for any and all "emergency situations" that arise twenty-four hours per day, three hundred and sixty-five (365) days per year, unless otherwise excused for vacations, etc.  Must be available after hours, weekends and holidays by cell phone (job requirement).

10.  Represents the Board of Education on the City All Schools Safety Committee, Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Clean Energy Task Force, and on other committees as may be assigned by the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent.

11.  Performs such additional duties as may be delegated to the Director by the Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, or Director of Operations.



The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential responsibilities and functions of the job and are not meant to be all inclusive.  Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential responsibilities and functions of the job. This position includes some weekend and night time work.


·       Use strength to lift up to 35 pounds, ability to climb ladders. Sit, stand and walk for required periods of time. Ability to speak and hear and have vision that can be corrected to 20-20. Ability to use hands and fingers to handle objects and operate tools, computers, and/or controls. Work in an environment with machinery, on roofs and in adverse outside weather conditions.






The environmental demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential responsibilities and functions of the job and are not meant to be all inclusive.

·       Exposure to a variety of childhood and adult diseases and illnesses. Occasional exposure to a variety of weather conditions. Exposure to heated/air conditioned and ventilated facilities. Exposure to a building in which a variety of chemical substances are used for cleaning, instruction, and/or operation of equipment. Function in a workplace that is usually moderately quiet but that can be noisy at times.




·       $90,000 - $115,000, commensurate with experience and educational background.

·       Insurance & benefits

·       Full-time, twelve (12) month employee. 



The Facilities Director shall be evaluated annually by the Director of Operations and/or Superintendent





Materials should be addressed to
Dr. Michael T. Conner, Superintendent. Applications are to be submitted through Middletown Public Schools’ online application program (www.middletownschools.org, click on Departments, click on Human Resources click on Job Postings) no later than January 18, 2019.


All applicants must provide the following:

  • A cover letter indicating your interest in this position.
  • A current resume and any additional relevant information.
  • Copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  • Three (3) current letters of reference of professional experience.

STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION --The Middletown Board of Education is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, marital status, civil union, military or veteran status, national origin, sex, ancestry, sexual orientation, or past or present physical or mental disability in any of its education programs, activities, or employment policies. All educational programs and offerings, including vocational education and extracurricular activities, subscribe to this policy.



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