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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Board of Education Appreciation Toolkit

Message from Secretary Miguel Cardona

Board of Education Appreciation Month

March 2024 is Board of Education Member Appreciation Month—a great time to focus on an elected board of education's crucial role in our communities and schools. Plan to show your school board members you appreciate their dedication and hard work during these most challenging times. Board members are extraordinary people who voluntarily tackle the enormous job governing school districts. Their actions and decisions affect the present and future lives of our children.

Recognizing board of education members for this commitment and sacrifice takes a combined effort on the part of all those they serve: administrators, school staff, students, and the community. Although showing appreciation should be year-round, taking advantage of the designated Board of Education Appreciation Month in March assures these important people receive some of the thanks they deserve.

Continuing the Commitment

Take this opportunity to help acknowledge thousands of public servants who make the time to share their vision and voice about the future of Connecticut children. We extend our best wishes for a productive month of building awareness and support in your community.

Once your celebrations are complete, we ask that you send us photos of your board appreciation activities to be featured in a future issue of the CABE Journal.  Email photos and descriptions of photos to Lisa Steimer at

Tool Kit

CABE has prepared a Board of Education Member Appreciation Month Tool Kit to help districts recognize their local board of education members. The tool kit is full of ideas for honoring board members and letting the community know about their many contributions.

Click on the items below to access the customizable tools. 

Graphic for Social Media and Print 
Did You Know? 
Sample Editorial 1

Sample Editorial 2 
Sample Letter to Community Groups
Sample News Release
Sample Newsletter Article
Sample Proclamation
Sample Public Service Announcements
Suggestions for Saluting School Board Members
Tell Us How You Celebrated!

You can also show appreciation to your board members by ordering chocolate bars, beverage tumblers, and notepads as gifts. Click here for more information.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Steimer at