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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

New Board Member Packet

The first year as a school board member can be a steep climb. There's a critical range of information to learn in a short time. To ensure a good foothold, board members must have the right tools at their disposal when duty calls. The New Board Member Packet contains just the right gear a newly elected board member needs.

The packet includes:

  • Becoming a Better Board Member
  • Responsibilities of Board of Education Membership
  • CABE Board Meeting Guide
  • Education Law Summaries
  • Parliamentary Procedures Card
  • Connecticut Glossary of School Board Terms
  • Telling Your Story
  • Robert's Rules
  • Collective Bargaining Handbook
  • Media and Efffective Lobbying Tips

These books and guides answer questions you might have heard as a board member. For example:

  • What is the difference between a policy and an administrative regulation?
  • What authority does a board member have outside the board meeting?
  • What is binding arbitration?
  • When can you go into executive session?
  • Where can I get information on parliamentary procedures?
  • What are my responsibilities as a board of education member?

New board members, seasoned veterans, and even superintendents can benefit from these helpful guides. This packet is your key to making it to the top as a successful school board leader.

The packet of books, booklets, tip charts (plus much more) costs only $85 for CABE member districts and $170 for non-member districts. Order now and have them ready after the election for your new board members.

CLICK HERE to print an order form for New Board Member Packets