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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

How to Participate in the CABE Resolution Process

CABE's resolutions and beliefs are what drive our association.  They set the direction of our association and provide legislators and other education leaders with our viewpoint on education issues.  Resolutions and/or belief statements may deal with local, state or federal issues.  They are usually directed at school boards, the legislature, the State Board of Education, or Congress.  If your school board has concerns that are not addressed by CABE's existing resolutions, we encourage you to submit a resolution to the Committee for consideration at the Delegate Assembly.

The CABE Government Relations Committee, through it's Resolutions Subcommittee yearly cycle of gathering and developing resolutions from local and regional school boards, CABE committees, CABE Areas and the CABE Board of Directors.  The resolutions will be acted upon by the membership at the CABE Delegate Assembly.  Those adopted resolutions will become the positions of the Association and they will provide the foundation for CABE's Government Relations Program.