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Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

CABE Area Directors

Area 1: Marion Manzo, Region 15 BOE, Email

Area 1: Thomas Van Stone, Waterbury BOE, Email

Area 2: Tyron Harris, East Hartford BOE, Email

Area 2: Philip Rigueur, Hartford BOE, Email

Area 3: Sara Kelley, Stafford BOE, Email

Area 3: Karen Colt, Vernon BOE, Email

Area 4: Chris Stewart, Putnam BOE, Email

Area 4: Ailla Wasstrom-Evans, Brooklyn BOE, Email

Area 5: Tina Malhotra, Ridgefield BOE, Email

Area 5: Chris Gilson, Newtown BOE, Email

Area 6: Jill McCammon, Darion BOE, Email

Area 6: Lee Goldstein, Westport BOE, Email

Area 7: John Hatfield, Seymour BOE, Email

Area 7: Melissa Mongillo, Derby BOE, Email

Area 7: Ed Strumello, Seymour BOE, Email

Area 8: Seth Klaskin, Madison BOE, Email

Area 8: Kim Walker, Westbrook BOE, Email

Area 8: Lindsay Dahlheimer, Region 13 BOE, Email